I was coming home to an empty house
I wished I had the feeling: finally I'm heard
I kept trying to be better, but nothing was good enough
I was trying to be perfect, but the finish had come off

I just wanted to be heard
I just wanted to be seen
I just wanted to be heard
'Cause you were deaf to me

I was trying to be strong, but you couldn't see my strength
I was begging to be loved, but you.d never love me again
And I'm trying to be worthy, I'm trying to get near
But it's never quite enough, will you never hold me dear?

I can't fight you, I just want to see
Are your feelings really as strong for me?
And now I'm falling in your arms
Are you falling into mine?
I'm still waiting to be heard
If you've got some spare time

I want it solid, I want it now
I want the answers to the questions
It is dark in my soul
I want my feelings to be answered
I want my heart to get along
with all my senses
I want it all, I had it all

Still I keep taking, I keep on lying
Won't you be my fool again
Won't you forget, I want to see
I want to have what's mine to miss
I want it all, I had it all
I want it all...
I had it all...
I knew it all...