You break my heart
I hope it heals
It seems to me
You know how it feels
The same old shit
All over again
It's clear to me
We can no longer pretend

The love we have
It feels so real
But all our fights
They now reveal
We can't go on
The way we do
There's no escape
From me and you

We both feel lost
But what's to loose
This pain inside
We both can't choose
I just can't see
My life without
But is there not
A safe way out

I know that I'm
Not always true
But deep within
It's only you
It's stuck in me
No I can't show
How deep my feelings
Seem to go

I hope that you
Feel the same
But in the end
We're both to blame
Love and hate
It's a thin line
Shall we ever
Feel just fine?

All this time
We yelled so hard
We can't go with
And not apart
Stop the fights
No more round
The towel is in
We're both knocked-out

Stop the fights...